Lages Plaza Hotel - Lages, SC, 88501-040, Brazil

Standard Box Casal c/ Split Q/F

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  • Air Conditioning Split
  • CFTV in all areas of the Hotel
  • Wi-fi
  • Breakfast Colonial
  • Garage monitored
  • Electronic showers
  • Alarm clock
  • Antiallergic floor
  • Bed Box Spring
  • Telephone with Direct Dial
  • Desk
  • TV 19" LCD or 20" cable
Lages Plaza Hotel
Rua Afonso Ribeiro, 65 - Centro
Lages, SC, 88501-040, Brazil
Call: +55 49 3021-2020


Lages Plaza Hotel

Located in Lages, close to major shopping malls, restaurants, business centers and tourism, Lages Plaza Hotel has a complete structure to meet professionals and families who want to enjoy comfort, good service, and a special breakfast in their passage for our city. Every detail, space or service was planned for everything to be perfect. The entire staff and structure are geared to ensure the quality of our services, whether for leisure or business.